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About us

 Sileo's Dream

and how it all began


A young couple moved into a new flat and lived there together. They were good, but the life they seemed incomplete. No one expected them at home and did not welcome them. No one is neutěšoval when they were sad. Just had only themselves.

And one day it happened that a friend brought home a kitten found. It was winter and the little creature he was sorry. So they started a new life full of twists and joy.

And that's a small formation was alone at home when they were at work, got him a friend.

And as time passed, was gradually extended to the family of another feline friends.

A particularly one of them was my very close. It was an aristocrat among males and named Sileo. He was the one who literally captivated me. He was the representative of the cats due to which I have on these creatures became more interested. And it was he, thanks to whom I wanted to try first exhibition.

But unfortunately it was not a wish and boy at the age of two years, died of kidney failure and liver.

Yet it was he, thanks, this dream which I did not want to leave. And thanks to him, I came to this breed Maine Coon cats. Such as the exact nature of his own. And I know I would certainly enjoyed the exhibition.

So in search of a tom-cat of the same nature, ie the Maine Coon I hit the breeder Lenka Kobližková. Where you when you visit literally captivated a small light red boy. The whole time flirting with me and I fell in love. And so to our family was added beautiful representative of the breed.

He brought us to life, the right seasoning and a new direction.

During the planning of the first exhibitions I hit the advertising some of the beautiful cats from a breeder Lucky Tenderové. And it was done. Pussy is acquired and established our breeding. Which was officially recognized on May 25, 2013.

We had the first exhibition of kittens. The exhibition MVK, Star Show Diplomat 2013 and prospered us the kittens well. Both of 'em got EX 1

And since you can see us at shows and not only majňáky, but even ordinary domestic cats. Where do all in full all use.










Raising our cats is our way of life. Everything is tailored to our cats. They can do all the rooms and everywhere faithfully assist. Whether it's cooking, cleaning, showering or visit the toilet or just sleep in bed :-)

After the apartment we scrapers, bowls with pellets and water, of course, cat litter and lots of toys everywhere :-) also popular bed, especially box :-)

All cats are in great shape. Regular vaccination Biofelem 4-combinations (against panleukopenia, herpesvirus infection and calicivirové cats and rabies), deworming. Breeding cats are tested for HCM, FIV and Flevo. Others are also tested Flevo and FIV.

All our cats are house-trained and behaved.

We feed only high quality dry feed from brand Royal Canin (Maincoon kitten and adult, Exigent Savour), which are always available. Continue to receive the daily raw meat that has been in the freezer(chicken, beef, pork, fish, turkey), occasionally gets boiled or roasted. Furthermore, receiving pockets (Felix, Gimpet, Applaws, Gourmet Perle, Gourmet Gold, Sheba). Vitamin supplement paste from Gimpet with Biotin and Malt-Softkou.

Of course i can taste what we have. Whether it's bread, pasta, potatoes or vegetables that require some downright :-)