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MVM Viničné, SK

         Our entire exhibition part of the pack early in the morning at 3 am headed towards Slovakia , Viničné. All sleepy , no one wanted to get up.

Our long journey of nearly 400 km, took place quite quickly once the cats make it clear that I understand and Brája can travel back to the little window above the suitcase on his lap Zapu and Tlustí sprawled in the carrier. In this cool slept almost all the way to Slovakia.

In our zeal to arrive on time , we arrived at half past seven and acceptance until half past eight . Normally we waited , gradually arrived well-known . We successfully nazdobili cage newly landscaped curtains and go to look at who we are.

Of course, how else Zapu and Brája simultaneously with other judges. So even in the confusion , we have successfully mastered everything , friends helped.

Girls misappropriated table and we drank the glass of wine and salty and sweet. Well we had fun and brought great results and cups :-)

For the first time we have won BIS and even two , our maine coon mastered the IC title :-)


                Brian Berry of Sudden Blazing, CZ - CACIB                 and became INTER CHAMPIONEM !!!

           Yasmin of Pumeli Garden, CZ - CACIB, NOM., BIS             and became INTER CHAMPIONEM !!!

Tlusťoušek of Sileo's Dream, CZ - I., NOM., BIS





January 1, 2014

         So finally it's here , we have launched a website. Gradually there appear all the news and information about us.